Automated Wellness Programming That Actually Works

Help HR deliver a quality wellness program without the hassle.

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Help reduce health care costs & boost productivity.

Many employers today understand the value of wellness programs, but struggle to effectively deliver. With Wellness401k, employers can:

Provide a comprehensive automated wellness program

Eliminate the time and cost to administer their own program

Engage ALL employees with messaging that actually works

Target the root cause of health issues to drive down costs & increase employee engagement

Simplify Wellness

Take the burden off HR to execute a successful wellness program.


Employers schedule regular health messages once to deliver impact all year.

Huge Content Library

Employers get access to a huge library of videos, insights and campaigns on engaging health topics.

Easy Employee Delivery

Employees receive health messages via email with no log-in required.

Health Risk Assessments

Our approach to Health Risk Assessments has consistent 90+% employee participation.

No PEPM Cost

Offer your clients an automated wellness program with no PEPM costs.

"What my clients love about Wellness401k is that it is so easy to provide regular, high-quality wellness content to their employees. The pre-built campaigns add so much value without extra work for the client."

Grand Rapids, MI Agent
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Compete on value, not on price.

Change the way you prospect forever. Once an employer sees how easy it is to deliver an exciting, effective wellness program through your resources, they’ll wonder if their incumbent can provide the same type of value.

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