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Software is only half of what you get when you work with Emerge Apps. We also train, coach and support you along your journey.


Yes, our software is incredibly easy, valuable and effective. But anyone can sell software. The true indicator of success is understanding the strategies to effectively use that software.

We didn’t just decide to start an insurance software company one day. Our roots are in insurance, just like you. We realized that to be successful agents, we needed the right tools in our toolbelt. And when you work with us, you not only get amazing software—you get the knowledge, experience, and support of successful agents showing you the path to success.

We Onboard Your Top 5 Clients

We help you start out strong, learn our strategies & delight your biggest accounts (or prospects) by personally working with you to onboard your top 5 clients onto the software. We’ll get you up and running as fast as you want.


1:1 demo with you and your client

Set up the software

Input client historical data

Gather testimonials to help you sell

Position you as the hero

We Teach You Our Strategies

We’ll train your agency on the software, plus educate you on the exact prospecting and retention strategies we’ve used for years to win new clients and build unbreakable client relationships.


“After talking to a prospect about OSHA recordkeeping, he was really ticked off that his existing agent hadn’t mentioned this important information, earning us a very large account.”

Grand Rapids, MI agent

We Make You the Experts on Key Topics

Worried about a lack of OSHA or compliance knowledge? Our compliance experts will upskill you on these topics so you can impress your prospects and educate your clients.


“All of our producers have completed training and now our insureds rely on us for consultation in risk management and compliance.”

Atlanta, GA agent

We Help You Sell

We’re dedicated to helping you use these tools successfully. You’ll get a full suite of promotional videos and branded marketing materials to promote the solutions, plus educational resources you can send to clients & prospects.


“It was so awesome that Dustin was willing to jump on a zoom and present to a key prospect of mine. It made the difference, and I wrote a $25k Account!”

Raleigh, NC agent

We Get You Hot Leads

One of our most effective prospecting strategies is hosting educational employer seminars. Not only will we teach you how to do it—we’ll host it for you. Every single time we do a session like this, the majority of employers in the room sign up to learn more.


“I’m amazed at how many employers you got in the room and how every single one of them signed up for the software. It was a no-brainer for them to make their life easier.”

Traverse City, MI agent

We’re Your Clients’ Support Team

Whether your clients and prospects have compliance questions or technical issues, we act as an extension of your team to provide quick, reliable, quality support on your behalf.


6 minute average response time to start the conversation

We’ll do any research necessary to answer compliance questions

We position our staff as part of your agency

Our support staff are trained to make you look good

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