Experience Mod Software Enriched with Sales Strategies

Discover the synergy of strategic sales approaches infused with in-depth experience mod analytics.

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Elevate Your Mod Strategy: Beyond Mere Calculation

Comprehensive Analysis, Actionable Insights, and Vital Sales Reports.

Generate Minimum, Actual, and Controllable Mods in Under 15 Seconds.

In-Depth Mod Analysis: Understand the Direct Financial Impact of Mods on Premiums.

Built-In 'What-If' Claims Scenario Feature.

Crisp, User-Friendly Visual Reports for Immediate Understanding.

Enhanced with NCCI ELR and D-Ratio Data.

Seamless Mod Creation in Moments

Simply enter your 6 vital data points and instantly generate comprehensive mod reports without the complications.

Instantaneous Calculations

Get your mod results in record time, ensuring prompt decision-making.

Powerful Analytics at Your Fingertips

Delve deeper into the mod data, gaining comprehensive insights.

Tailored Recommendations

Based on your data entry, receive specific suggestions for optimization.

User-friendly Interface

Navigate with ease, making the process smooth from start to finish.

Enhance Client Conversations

Use the rapid results and detailed analyses to engage in meaningful discussions with clients, solidifying your position as a trusted advisor.

“As an insurance agent, I've tried various platforms over the years, but nothing compares to ModSure. It's not just about the software’s intuitive design and precise mod calculations; it's the human touch that sets them apart. While other platforms simply push price hikes our way, ModSure’s dedicated staff is always there, ready to assist, guide, and provide real solutions. It's a partnership in the truest sense, and it's transformed how I handle experience mods for my clients.”

Salt Lake City, UT Agent
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Demonstrate the Financial Fallout from Their Agent's Misguided Recommendations

Revolutionize your prospecting approach. Lead with Experience Mod expertise and powerful software that swiftly raises questions in the prospect's mind about their existing agent's capabilities. Before they know it, you're the only logical choice.

Not an Experience Mod master? No worries — our software equips you with unparalleled insights, strategic counsel, and exclusive resources unmatched in the industry.

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