OSHA Recordkeeping Made Unbelievably Simple

Help clients and prospects take the guesswork out of OSHA recordkeeping and make injury reporting a breeze.

Imagine sending this video to a prospect or client…

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Open doors easier than you ever imagined and ensure your clients never want to leave with OSHAlogs.

You will not find a more valuable work comp prospecting & retention tool. With OSHAlogs, employers can:

Enter injury data once and automatically populate all OSHA forms + their state’s work comp first report of injury

Drastically reduce time and effort for OSHA recordkeeping

Comply with OSHA electronic submission rules in one click

Get Invited in the Door

Provide OSHAlogs to top prospects and they’ll happily fire their current agent.

Become Indispensable

Clients won’t want to leave the enormous value you deliver via OSHAlogs.

Add Unlimited Employers

There’s no limit on your ability to attract more prospects and support clients.

Get Critical Alerts

Stay in loop with prospects and clients with notifications every time an injury is recorded.

Drastically Simplify OSHA

Eliminate frustrating dual data entry and simplify confusing OSHA recordkeeping rules.

Go Beyond Insurance

Differentiate and prove your value beyond insurance to become the undeniable agent of choice.

"We went in under the premise of discussing OSHA recordkeeping. By the end of the conversation, the prospect was so mad their agent hadn’t shared this critical information, it was a no-brainer to award us the AOR."

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Win the account before the incumbent knows you’re there.

Change the way you prospect forever. Open doors with OSHA expertise and unbelievably valuable software to quickly cast doubt in the prospect’s mind about their current agent. Soon you’re the obvious agent of choice.

Not an OSHA expert? We’ve got you covered - our software comes with strategic guidance and resources you won’t find anywhere else.

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