Meet Employees Where They Are and Inspire Change

Most wellness programs fail due to lack of consistency, focusing on the wrong message and using a one-size-fits-all approach. Wellness401k helps clients reduce healthcare costs by generating 90% employee wellness participation without financial incentives. This set-it-and-forget-it content engine is unlike any other wellness program. It removes roadblocks to wellness program success to help clients engage employees.

Wellness401k helps employees view their wellness program as an investment in their health. It focuses on outweighing bad decisions with good ones, meeting employees where they are (rather than promoting unrealistic goals).

It encourages them by focusing on things that matter to them—their health, their future and their family.

It allows employers to:

Provide amazing wellness content (videos, insights, posters & campaigns)

Send content directly to employees

Set-and-forget with complete automation

Inspire employees to change behavior

Avoid additional costs with no per employee per month fees

Robust Library

Employers can easily schedule content from a huge library that covers a variety of health risks and inspires employee behavior change. HR chooses the content they want and decides how often to deliver it to employee inboxes.


Each campaign provides a brief description of the campaign itself, directions of how to participate, along with a document that employees can print to participate in the event itself. One campaign, for example, simply challenges employees to have their dinner plate consist of ¼ veggies and ¼ fruit for a 6-day period.

Sound easy? That is the point! We are showing employees it only takes small changes today to earn big gains in the long term.

Wellness401k is a proven program to engage all employees and get results that benefit the employer’s bottom line. And it allows you to compete outside the benefits renewal process with value that attracts more prospects and locks in retention.