OSHA Recordkeeping Made Easy

OSHAlogs can save employers countless hours of time and frustration complying with OSHA, not to mention thousands of dollars in potential noncompliance fees.


This powerful, intuitive and simple app takes the guesswork out of complex OSHA compliance. Designed and built exclusively for insurance agencies, this tool adds value and helps you win and retain clients.

It empowers employers to:

Easily create accident reports and track injuries

Complete and print required OSHA forms without dual entry

View injury metrics in real-time (DART, severity, incident rates and more)

Print their state’s work comp 1st report of injury

Instantly communicate with you, their agent

Comply with electronic submission requirements

You get the credit through prominent branding, providing value clients won’t want to give up. Add OSHAlogs to your sales pitch, and watch prospects’ eyes light up as they imagine the time saved, headaches avoided and noncompliance risks averted.


OSHAlogs is a valuable tool that will differentiate you from the competition, deepen your client relationships and open you up to new opportunities. It will improve your close ratios and retention rates and drive revenue growth. Plus, with no incremental costs for adding new clients, the value is limitless.